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October 21, 2013
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_____ found herself in a nice-ish restaurant, (not fancy just not fast food.) at a window seat, looking at a menu in front of her, waiters bustling about, and people laughing all around her. As nice and happy as everything was, the best part was the man sitting across from her. He wore a black suit and tie, with black hair, and black dress shoes, and a mischievous grin on his face. It was Crowley, The King of Hell. _____ had spent some, er, intimate time with Crowley recently, and now they seemed to be out on a date or something.

There was something off about the way he smiled at her. Last time when he had looked at her, it had been very lustful. The lust was still there, but now there was something else, too. If she didn't know any better she almost would have said it Wait, that can't be right. That thing with Crowley had been a one night stand, and, how did she get here? She didn't remember meeting Crowley again, going to this restaurant, ordering this food, any of it. What was happening? Then everything started to fade, and dim, until all that was left was his face, and then that disappeared too.

_____ woke up in bed, confused, and disoriented. After a moment she remembered where she was. "Ok, it was a dream." That made more since. Although it kind of annoyed her too. Why was she dreaming about a guy she was never going to see again? Sure, he had crossed her mind a couple times, but only fleetingly. She hadn't even liked him THAT much, right? Right? She shook her head, trying to shake away the thoughts. She decided the best thing to do was push it out of her head, and forget about him. She looked at the clock, 10:30. She'd slept long enough, today was her off day and she was going to enjoy it.

She got up, got dressed, took a shower, ate, brushed her teeth, and all that jazz, and by the time she was done she'd forgotten all about her dream. Then _____ decided she was going to go for a walk in the park. It was a nice day out, if a little chilly, and she was going to take advantage of it. So she slipped on her black combat boots, and her long black jacket, and went out into the sunshine.

It was a beautiful day at the park. Kids riding their bikes, a man playing fetch with his dog, people playing frisbee, a guy playing a guitar down at the corner, and the fountain in the middle of the park gurgling, with its many penny's in its basin glinting in the sun.The air was crisp and fresh, and the trees were beautiful with there multicolored leaves.

_____ had decided she was going to sit down and people watch for a little while, when she accidentally ran into a man, literally. "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I guess I need to watch where I'm going better." "Oh no love, your fine. It was entirely my fau-" He stopped short, as they both realized at the same time, who they were looking at. "_____?" "Crowley?" She couldn't believe it. Just this morning, she'd had a dream about the guy, and now here he was.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. "What are YOU doing here?" he replied "I live around here, remember." He looked confused for a moment. "Wait, that's where I am? Why am I here?" "That's what I was just asking you." He scowled slightly at the sarcasm. Which just made _____ grin. "Well darling, if you must know, I've been looking around for some missing hell hounds." He pondered for a minute. "Say, there haven't been any violent animal attacks recently, have there?" "Wait that happens!? You let your Hell hounds get loose?" "Do you humans, dogs ever get loose?" "Well, yes." "Same thing." "Except that Hell hounds eat people!" He seemed to consider this for a moment, and was about to say something, when his phone rang. He held up his finger in a 'hold that thought' gesture and answered the phone.

"Hello? uhuh, uhuh, oh! Ok, excellent. Send them back immediately." He glanced over at _____, and he added a little quieter. "Oh, and Anzu, clear my schedule for the rest of the day, would you. Mmmmhhhhh uhuh, yes, yes. Ok...bye."

Crowley turned his attention back to _____ "They found the hell hounds." "Oh thank God." " And now love, it seems that the rest of my day is free." He said stepping behind her and resting his hands on her hips. "So darling, do you want to go up to your place and-" "No! Dude it's like 11:00 o'clock in the morning!" "And?" "And, No." "Fine." He frowned, and stepped out from behind her. Then he brightened again. "Alright, then how about we go to lunch?" "Really?" She'd figured all she was to him was sexual entertainment, not a lunch date.

He held his arm out to her like a gentleman. "Of, course." Hesitantly she took his arm, and he began to lead her away, when he commented. "I'll get into your pants later." An old women who was feeding squirrels, was just close enough to hear the last comment and give them a horrified look. "He's just kidding." She tried to reassure her. Crowley began to lead them both away again, when he looked back over his shoulder, "No I'm not." then walked them out of ear shot. So much for a gentleman.

"Crowley, where are we going? Your taking us in the opposite direction of all the restaurants." "What, you think we're going to eat here? No darling, I'm trying to get us out of other people's sights before I zap us somewhere else. I'm pretty sure that old bat is still watching us." "That better be why your taking me out of other people's sights." _____ grumbled, but she went along with him. Finally he stopped behind a cluster of trees on the far side of the park. "Alright this should be good, didn't want to send the mortals into a panic." Actually _____ thought that would have been kinda funny, but she stayed quiet. "Alright, now wh-" she started to say. Suddenly Crowley grabbed the lapels of her jacket and pulled her forward into a kiss, before she even had time to think to protest. Not that she necessarily would have protested.

After what seemed like minutes, but was probably only seconds, Crowley let go. _____ gasped, filling her lungs with air. She gave Crowley a look that said something like, 'How about a little warning next time'. He shrugged. "Sorry, just wanted to make sure I remembered what that was like." Of course she didn't actually mind at all, she just didn't want him to know that. Finally _____ looked around her, and she almost couldn't completely register everything. They were in Rome. She looked at Crowley in awe. He smirked and said. "When in Rome, love."

"Oh my gosh, I've always wanted to go to Rome!" Crowley couldn't help but grin at her excitement. "Alright love, what do you want to do first?" "Really, we can stay longer than just to eat?" "Well, yeah. We're not going to go to Rome just for the pizza." "Awesome! Though I here the pizza's quite good." "No, it's really not all that impressive." "Really?" "Really. Lets just go, come on." "Oh.."

Crowley took her all over the city. They went to see the Coloseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, the Roman Forum, and the Little Tiber. _____  had always liked old buildings, and old architecture, all the history that had happened there. It blew her mind that this place had been around thousands of years ago. Crowley wasn't quite as interested in the old buildings as _____ was, but he seemed to be enjoying himself nonetheless. He seemed to be amused by _____'s reactions to things. And other than just the old buildings, and being in Rome, _____ was simply enjoying Crowley's company. He was smart, and funny, and despite herself that sarcastic, smarmy streak of his was kinda cute. And she couldn't really get upset with him over it, cause she was just as sarcastic as he was. He'd tell her interesting things about their surroundings as they walked, and he'd joke around, just trying to get her to laugh.
Finally he said. "Alright, have you had enough of Rome? Can we go eat now?" She laughed. "Yeah, lets eat." "Anything but pizza." he  grumbled. "Whatever you say."

Crowley led her back through the streets of Rome, veering in and out around tourists. Finally stopping in front of a restaurant named, Ristorante Bel Poggio. "Have you been here before or something?" "Nope, never." And he led her in.

They sat down at a table next to a window, and looked at the menus. As _____ sat looking through the menu, she started to realized that there was something familiar about the restaurant. Then she remembered. In everything that had happened since that morning, she'd completely forgotten about the dream she'd had. But now, here she was sitting in the restaurant from her dream, with waiters bustling about and people laughing. And there was Crowley sitting across from her. He looked up from his menu, noticing that she was looking at him, and smiled.

_____ heart beat faster. That was the smile. The smile from the dream. The one that looked like he-he.......
"You know love, if you want something, just ask." He said, repeating what he had said the last time they had been together. Right before they had gotten, uh, intimate. There were a few things _____ wanted to do right then. One was to pinch herself to see if this was all a dream, another was to run out of the restaurant screaming, and another was to just laugh hysterically. But fortunately before she could do any, or all of the above, Crowley leaned over the table and kissed her. Not a kiss like before, driven by lust and hunger, but a passionate, and loving kiss. She'd never been kissed like this before, and she had to say she didn't mind it at all.

*Ahem* Crowley unlatched from her face, leaving _____ a little dazed. She realized there was a waiter standing beside their table. How long had he been standing there? How long had they been kissing? These were all good questions, that unfortunately _____ was to dazed to know the answers to. He was looking rather awkward and uncomfortable. She couldn't blame him. She wouldn't be too comfortable either after having to stop two people from sucking face. Of course, she also wouldn't have been too comfortable if someone was giving her the look, Crowley was giving him right now.

"What?" Crowley said a bit rudely. "Scusi, signore e la signora. Mi chiedevo se potevo prendere il tuo ordine?" "Um, I'm sorry. Do you speak any English?" _____ figured with all the American tourists, he would surely no a little bit of English. "Ah, si. I do speak some English. I asked if I could take your order." He seemed a little less nervous now that _____ was talking politely to him, and he didn't have to talk to Crowley. "Um Crowley, are you ready to order?" He reluctantly turned his glare away from the waiter, and turned to look at _____. His mouth was still set in the same frown, but his eyes softened. "Yes, I will have the Coda alla Vaccinara." The waiter jotted down a note. "And for the lady?" "I think I'll have the Pasta alla Corbonara." "Excellent choices! Anything else?" "Yes, do you have any Craige?" "Craige?" The waiter asked, not understanding. "There is no one named Craige here." Crowley sighed. "Figured. White whine, or red, _____?" "Red, please." "Ok, some red wine, and I will keep an eye out for someone named Craige." "Uh, no that's not-" The waiter had already walked away. "Just leave it." Crowley said.

While they sat waiting for their food, they talked the same way they had been talking all day. _____ was currently telling him about the time her friend had (unsuccessfully) tried to do a "demonic exorcism", when the food and whine arrived. It looked delicious! "Gustare!" The waiter said to them smiling. Then after making sure they didn't need anything else, he left to another table. They eagerly dug in. Crowley scooped a bite onto his fork. "Love, you have to try this. It's, what would you say? Awesome." He fed her the bite, and she nodded in agreement. "Definitely what I would call awesome. Here try this." She twirled some noodles onto her fork, and fed it to him. "Mmmm, delicious." The rest of the meal went on like this, occasionally feeding each other bites, and making small comments in between bites about how good it was.

When they were done, _____ sighed appreciatively. By this point they had pretty much finished off a bottle of wine, and they may have been a little goofy, _____ maybe a little bit more so. _____ had a sudden thought "Hey I thought demons didn't have to eat?" "We don't have to, to live, but we can if we want too. To enjoy the feeling." _____ wondered what other feelings demons could still enjoy if they wanted to. Was it even possible for a demon to love?

"Why do you do that?" Crowley's voice snapped her out of her thoughts. "Do what?" "That thing, where you just stare off into space while you think." _____ shrugged. She hadn't realized she was doing that. "I don't know, it just happens." "Well, what are you thinking about?" "Nothing really." "Darling, your lying." She frowned slightly. "How would you know?" He smirked. "Because you make faces while your thinking. The one you just made was curious, and a little worried. So, what are you thinking about? What's bothering you?" He legitimately sounded concerned. She blushed and looked at her feet. Before she could say anything, he said. "Wait, not here. Let's go somewhere else to talk."

Crowley signed the bill (____ offered to pay, but of course he turned her down.) Then he took her hand and lead her out of the restaurant.
He took her to a beautiful park called Villa Pamphili. The park was huge with lots of lakes and bodies of water, and there was a track where people could ride horses, but above all the park was quiet, except for the sound of nature. Crowley led her over to a bench under a grove of trees, and they sat down. He looked at her expectantly. "So, what were you thinking about?" The look in his eyes said that he already knew. She scowled at him. "Did you read my mind?" _____ demanded. "......Noooo" "You're a horrible liar." "I know." "Look, you can't just read my mind whenever you feel like it. My thoughts are mine and mine alone, and you can't just-" He kissed her, cutting the rant short. She pulled away. "You also can't just kiss me when you don't want to hear me nag." But she said this quieter, with less anger.

A small smile touched his lips. "I know, I'm sorry. I just wanted to know what was bothering you, or if I had done anything wrong." Well dammit, now she felt bad. "No you didn't do anything wrong, I'm sorry. It's just-I just, I mean" She fumbled with her words trying to get them to come out right. She wasn't sure what kind of effect 'I wasn't sure if you loved me or not' would have on him. Thankfully Crowley put her out of her misery, and kissed her again, keeping her from having to talk for a moment. This was the longest one yet, no interruptions, no pulling back. Still just as passionate and loving, and gentle as the first.

When they finally did release, he put his mouth next to her ear and said. "The answer is yes." "Yes what?" She whispered back, even though she thought she knew the answer. She just wanted to hear him say it. "Yes, I do." He placed kisses down her neck. He was totally teasing her, kissing her and making her heart beat faster, avoiding saying it directly just to make her wait for it. "You do,what?" He sat up and grinned at her, knowing exactly what she was doing. He leaned forward and nipped her ear, then whispered so faintly she almost couldn't hear it. "I love you."

That was it, all attempts at self containment gone. She crashed her lips onto his, and pulled him close, running her hands through his hair. He retaliated, sliding his tongue in, leaning over her on the bench. And then they weren't on the bench anymore. They were in _____'s room on her bed. She undid his belt and his tie. He reached behind her and unlatched her bra. She pulled his pants off, he pulled her top off. He ran his hands down her figure. She pulled him closer, gently teasing him. A soft moan started to escaped him, and he bit down on her soft spot to cut it off, and she moaned....

"Well darling, I told you I'd get into your pants."
"...Your an ass."
"I know."
Hahaha, I had you going there for a minute didn't I? Like I was actually going to write a lemon or something. Sorry, no. I still have no idea how to do that. But I hope you liked chapter two of my Crowley x reader story! Oh, and I don't have this down as mature, but my version of mature is different than other peoples version of mature. So if you think I should change it, or any of my other fanfics just let me know and I'll switch them. By the way, I did use real places in Rome, real parks, and a real restaurant. The waiter also was speaking actual Italian. I love comments if you have anything you want to say, nice or, constructive criticism, or anything else. So thanks for reading! I hope I didn't make you poke your eyes out.
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I can't believe it....I blame you.
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