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October 23, 2013
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Soft lips, warm, wet tongue. The slightest hint of alcohol, Craige to be exact. All these things briefly flashed through my mind, as I kissed the King of Hell.
He was soft, and passionate, and aggressive all at the same time. His tongue searched, and explored. Stroking the roof of my mouth, and fighting for dominance with mine. If only it could've lasted forever.

How we'd wound up here was a funny story.
I had been visiting with Bobby and the boys and Cas. When Crowley showed up. The best I could figure was that he had gotten bored and had decided to come  up to do one of his favorite things. Which was pissing off Bobby Singer.

I, being an amateur hunter, hadn't actually met Crowley. I had only heard about him from the boys. So when he showed up I just kinda stayed back and observed while he and the others argued and bantered back and forth. But it didn't take long for him to notice me.
"Well hello, who is this?" His voice sent shivers down my spine. Weather they were good or not, I couldn't tell. He came uncomfortably close. "Now where have they been hiding you?" He said catching my chin in his hand, lifting my face to examine it better. My usual sarcastic snarkyness seemed to have left me. Leaving me standing there speechless, feeling like a complete idiot. Luckily Dean came to my rescue, standing in between Crowley and I. "Stay away from her Crowley." He said firmly. Dean was kinda like a big brother to me almost. He didn't like it when people messed with me. Crowley took a step back, an amused look on his face. But he kept glancing at me over Dean's shoulder, causing me to blush slightly. "Alright Dean, no need to get all in a huff. I wasn't going to do anything, at least, not without her permission." He said smirking at me. Now I was bright red. "And why would she give you permission to do anything?" Dean growled. I could think of a few reasons why, but I wasn't going to say anything.

"Ok guys put the rulers away." Sam said a little exasperated. "Now Crowley was there something you wanted, or are you just here to make _____ blush?" I wanted to punch Sam. "Well as fun as that is, it's not the original reason I'm here. Although I can think of about a million other things that would make her do more than just blush." My mind suddenly flashed with a few quick images that I immediately had to shake out of my head. Why did this guy make me feel so flustered? Normally I was a sarcastic, know it all, pain in the ass. But now suddenly I was tongue tied, and blushing like an idiot. Maybe it was the accent...

"So why are you here Crowley?" Bobby asked gruffly snapping me out of my thoughts. "Because I need a book, and I hear you've got quite a collection." He said glancing over the room that was piled high with stacks, upon stacks of books and ancient scripts. "And why would I give you one of my books?" Bobby practically snapped. "Now Bobby, be nice. I've been good to you." Crowley replied pretending to be hurt. "You tried to steal my soul, and have tried to kill us on several occasions." Bobby replied dryly "Yes well, In my defense you have tried to kill me several times." Bobby rolled his eyes. "And exactly what book are you looking for, your majesty?" "Your majesty, I like that. A little less sarcasm though would be nice. I'm looking for Nicholas Flamel's book of Alchemy." "And why would you want that?" Bobby asked suspiciously. "Just to conduct a few experiments."

I didn't mean to say it, it just kinda slipped out. "What kind of experiments?" And now his attention was back on me. He stepped close again, ignoring Dean. "Nothing you should worry your pretty little head about, darling." He ran his hand across my cheek, and I literally shivered at his touch. I stepped back from him, not trusting my own body. "Well, how about I worry my pretty little head about it then." Bobby said, trying to draw the attention back away from me. "What kind of experiments?" "Don't get your panties in a twist, Bobby, it's nothing to get worried about. I was just going to dabble with some of Nicholas' ideas on turning lead into gold." "Why do you need gold?" "Because gold makes the world go 'round, of course." "The answer is no." Bobby said forcefully. Crowley sighed. "Fine, I'll get it from somewhere else. Though it would have been much easier to get it from here, but whatever." "Just be happy we're not shootin your ass full of rock salt." Dean growled.

"Ah yes, I suppose I should be thanking my lucky stars." He said sarcastically. Then he turned back to me. "And you darling, I'll see later." He winked at me, then he was gone. Bobby let out a sigh of relief. "Well that was awkward." Cas stated.

It was a week later, and Sam, Dean, and I had just finished a hunt and decided to spend the night in town. We got two rooms at the local motel, with Sam and Dean in one, and I in the other. Dean had made the argument that "Hey, we're all friends here. You can just share the bed with me" But he was mostly just kidding. He understood that I needed my space. So I was all ready for bed, in my comfy loose fitting PJs, when the fricking King of Hell popped in. I yelped at his sudden appearance. "Crowley!? What are you doing here?" "Good to see you too, love." I blushed, a little embarrassed at my slightly rude greeting. Then I shook the blush off. He'd popped into my room in the middle of the night, I was aloud to be rude. "The boys are in the other room." "Well that's great, but I'm not here to see the boys." "Oh really?" I started edging backwards. If I could just get to my bag, and get some holy water. "Then what are you here for?" I asked fake politely. I was almost there, I could almost reach inside the bag. Almost....

Then in one swift movement, Crowley closed the space in between us and slammed me against the wall, arms held above my head. "I'm here to see you, obviously. I've been thinking about you, darling. Have you been thinking about me?" As a matter of fact, I had, but I wasn't about to admit that to the demon now. I struggled, trying to break out of his grasp, but his grip was like iron. "Please love, stop struggling. It's not going to get you anywhere." I stopped struggling. He was right of course. He was much stronger than I was, and there was no point wasting my strength. "Please Crowley, just l-let me go. I-I-I...." He had lowered his head and started, very effectively, sucking on the soft spot on my neck, and it was making it really hard to focus on what I was saying.

I bit off a moan, and tried again. "Crowley, let me go and I won't-oh!" He had slipped his hands in my shirt, and started to run them up my figure. His hands were surprisingly warm. The loose pj shirt wasn't helping me. For a moment I was confused how he could be running his hands up my shirt, but my hands were still stuck to the wall. Oh right demon powers, dammit. Suddenly he bit down on my soft spot harshly. I tried to cut the moan off again, but I wasn't fast enough. It escaped my lips just before I could stop it.

He kissed up my neck, and nibbled on my jaw line, then pulled back and looked me in the eyes. His were filled with amusement. His hands were still in my shirt, slowly rubbing my back, which again wasn't helping me. "Sorry darling, you were trying to say something?" "Ummm......." My brain wasn't working quite right. My mind was telling me to stop, this wasn't right, but every part of my body wanted him. "Uh, yeah. I was saying that, if you let me go now, I won't tell Sam and Dean." Then he did something I didn't expect. He laughed. "Oh, and you won't tell Sam and Dean? Oh thank god, I was worried about that." He snickered some more. "Darling, what do the moose and the squirrel have to do with any of this?" Now that I thought about it, I wasn't really sure. It was just the only thing that had popped into my head. Apparently my mind wasn't really sure why I shouldn't do this, either.

Finally I came to the conclusion that I wasn't getting out of this. So I had two options: (A) Continue to try and uselessly fight it, or (B) Give in and enjoy it. I picked the obvious one.

I sighed, giving in to the inevitable. He smirked, and leaned in. I met him halfway there, and slipped my tongue in, sliding against his. I assumed he enjoyed it, judging from the low growl rumbling is his chest, and the fact that my hands were now free. When I slid my hand into his pants, the growl erupted from his lips full force, and he attacked me hungrier than ever. I slid my hands up his chest and gripped his suit jacket. Then I pushed him hard onto the bed.

He looked up at me in something close to awe, like this had turned out even better than he could have hoped for. Then I straddled his hips, and we sank into-What was it called again? Oh yeah.-firey demonic passion.
Ok, I finally finished this one. Some of you had already read what I had, and seemed to like it, so I hope the rest lived up to expectation. :D Once again I will say that I did NOT put this as mature, but if anyone thinks I should do otherwise just let me know. Now I think next I'm going to try and write a fanfic about someone else, but I'm not sure who yet. If anyone has any preference let me know, and I'll try my best. Thanks for reading!
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